The visually stunning ‘Red Matter’ gets even more impressive on PSVR 2

The visually stunning 'Red Matter' gets even more impressive on PSVR 2

Image: Vertical Robot

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Red Matter is a sci-fi classic and one of the most beautiful VR games around. It will soon get a free visual upgrade on Playstation VR 2 and PC.

Released in 2018, Red Matter is set in a fictional future Cold War. You assume the role of Agent Epsilon as you infiltrate a base of the Communist Republic of Volgravia on Saturn’s moon Rhea. Piece by piece, you’ll uncover the mystery behind a top-secret research project. Red Matter set new standards in VR graphics and combines clever puzzles with a mysterious story.

In 2022, the sequel Red Matter 2 was released, which improved and expanded on this formula and is one of the best-looking VR games, especially on Playstation VR 2.

Red Matter comes to PSVR 2 with a graphical upgrade

Yesterday, studio Vertical Robot announced that the first part will come to PSVR 2 in a graphically enhanced version.

The improvements include 4K textures, support for foveated rendering, and a smooth 90 fps frame rate without resorting to Sony’s reprojection technology. The studio also writes that Red Matter will have the same internal resolution as its successor, which we know renders at maximum resolution plus supersampling. So Red Matter should look fantastic on PSVR 2.

Revamped controls are also coming, along with expanded language support.

A free upgrade for owners of the PSVR version

Red Matter 2 will be released on October 5th for Playstation VR 2 and will cost $19.99. Those who have already purchased Red Matter for the first Playstation VR will receive a free upgrade to the PSVR 2 version.

Red Matter as well as its successor are also available on Steam, Meta Quest and Pico headsets. The PC VR version of Red Matter will also receive the 4K textures as well as the revamped controls. The trailer above shows the PC VR version from 2018.

It’s always nice to hear about VR classics being brought to the next generation of VR, and in this case to Playstation VR 2. Those who only played the second part can now catch up with the story of the first part, while newcomers can explore the Red Matter universe right from the start.

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