The 13 best VR games for Playstation VR 2

The 13 best VR games for Playstation VR 2

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The PSVR2 finally brings back graphically impressive VR games. We list the best titles, from AAA to insider tips.

On February 22, 2023, the Playstation VR 2 finally launched! Some graphical highlights already put PC VR games in the shade thanks to modern eye tracking. Other titles are well-known implementations, but some of them have been heavily polished.

In the following list, we give you an overview of the best, most entertaining and most beautiful VR games for Sony’s new VR headset. The titles are sorted alphabetically. We will continuously update this article as soon as new highlights are released.

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Before Your Eyes

The eye-tracking adventure Before Your Eyes offers an exceedingly interesting concept. The adventure is a picturesquely implemented memory journey on the way to the afterlife, which is controlled from the first-person perspective with the player’s own blinking.

In the 2D Steam version, this works with a webcam in front of the monitor. With the Playstation VR 2, however, the eye-tracking integrated into the VR headset captures the eye movements.

While playing, it turned out that Sony’s eye tracking actually offers an advantage to the original webcam eye tracking. With its “blink control” and spreading blobs of color, the game creates a whole new narrative technique in virtual reality!

“You will learn to control the flow of the narrative with your actual eyes,” explains Lucas Jozefowicz of Skybound Games. “Blinking through precious memories of family, first love, and the rise of an artistic career, ultimately revealing a heartbreaking truth.”

Playstation Store

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7‘s VR mode (review) brings the entire game to virtual reality – and it’s so convincing and immersive that even casual racers will be hooked! As soon as the race starts and you’re behind the wheel, feeling the vibration of the engine in the PS5 controller or a steering wheel, you feel like you’re right on the track.

Gran Turismo 7 in VR looks incredibly good: the lighting, the tracks, the cars, the dashboards. The controls are also excellent and, especially with a steering wheel, a pure joy. Apart from little things like the bland clicking through 2D menus, it just turned out terrific!

Those who bought the PS5 version of GT7 will get the VR version as a free upgrade.

Playstation Store

Horizon Call of the Mountain

In Horizon Call of the Mountain (review) from Firesprite and Guerilla Games, you’ll be fully immersed in the Horizon universe for the first time. The new adventure is experienced through the eyes of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior. Ryas is a masterful climber and archer. In his role, you’ll climb mountains and take down formidable machines like the Thunder Jaw.

The graphical implementation is more than worthy of a AAA title. The modern Dynamic Foveated Rendering and the experience of the developers make for the most beautiful VR game ever! The gorgeous panoramas, weather capers, and detailed monsters even make the beautiful PC VR classic Half-Life: Alyx look a bit old.

During your journey, you’ll master various tools and weapons and use found materials to craft additional equipment. Along the way, you’ll meet new and old Horizon characters, including Aloy.

Apart from the main story, Horizon Call of the Mountain offers an immersive river journey, in which you’ll see an impressive panorama of the game world. Sony praises this virtual reality experience as the perfect introduction to the magic of Playstation VR 2.

Horizon Call of the Mountain, unlike its two flat predecessors, is not an open-world game and cleverly guides you through the story. It will keep you entertained for around seven hours.

Playstation Store

Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak VR: Mirage strives for photorealism. It’s one of those VR games that pushes the boundaries of what’s technically possible. It lets VR players paddle through Antarctic ice caves, past the coast of Costa Rica, under Norway’s auroras, and through Australia’s canyons.

Whether you’re competing with other players and climbing the leaderboards or relaxing and enjoying the scenery, you’ll always be paddling with your own hands. It’s a realistic and intuitive way to get around that fits the medium perfectly! The physics simulation affects many elements: Plants, ice floes and boulders react realistically to the kayak and the paddle.

The wildlife and sea simulation look particularly beautiful. You can see penguins jumping off ice cliffs, turtles making their way from the beach into the water, and dolphins swimming alongside the boat as you pick up the pace.

The PSVR 2 implementation benefits from more vibrant colors on the high-contrast OLED display, as well as the VR headsets’ advanced dynamic foveated rendering. The VR-specific rendering technique uses the gaze detection of the Playstation VR 2 to calculate the area that gamers focus on in a higher resolution. The results are impressive!

Only users with a sensitive stomach should keep their hands off the game. The rocking of the boat leads to nausea much faster than in Phantom: Covert Ops, for example.

Playstation Store

Moss and Moss: Book II Bundle

Part 1 is already one of the best VR games to date and has sold over a million copies. And rightly so: Controlling the little mouse Quill through a pretty diorama landscape, solving puzzles and defeating enemies with her is a lot of fun and creates an emotional relationship between player and protagonist.

The second book continues the adventure seamlessly, upping the ante in all aspects of gameplay and design.

“Even if you’re not that into the genre, the detail, animation, and excellent VR craftsmanship show you what else is possible with virtual reality. The backdrops are real eye-openers and never cease to amaze,” writes Ben in his Moss 2 review.

Both games have been significantly upgraded for Playstation VR 2. The following trailer shows the PSVR 1 version of Moss 2.

Playstation Store

No Man’s Sky

The VR version of the fascinating open-space adventure No Man’s Sky was released for Playstation VR and PC VR in the summer of 2019 and featured extensive VR customizations.

With the Fractal update (version 4.1), No Man’s Sky VR benefits from the power of the PS5 and PSVR 2, making it possible to see through dense foliage during planetary explorations, for example, at greater distances. The 3D audio and the Sense haptics of the VR headset are also employed.

There are also innovations that affect all VR versions of the game, such as a user interface redesigned for the VR mode and an immersive HUD. Interactions now feel more natural in VR.

Among other things, reaching for objects or plants, opening cockpits, and controlling spaceships have been optimized. For example, players can open the inventory in virtual reality using hand movements and call it up via a virtual display on the wrist.

There is a free upgrade for owners of the PSVR version.

Playstation Store


Pavlov from Vankrupt Games was already one of the original VR multiplayer shooters on the PC and launched in February 2017 as a kind of VR version of Counter-Strike.

Since then, the title has been constantly developed and receives new content, such as a major update with WW2 content and new game modes. The success on PSVR 2 ensure full servers. In February, the VR shooter was number 2 in the download charts for Playstation VR 2. For practice, you’ll find a respective range, an offline mode and bots.

The gunplay is particularly convincing, i.e. the way you can handle the different weapons – from revolvers to rapid-fire rifles and bazookas. You can also modify your arsenal, for example with silencers.

Meanwhile, Pavlov also offers Capture-The-Flag, Push, Zombies or the asymmetrical Hidden Hunt, in addition to classic (Team) Deathmatch, Defuse mode and Gun-Game.

Playstation Store

Resident Evil Village

The VR version of Resident Evil 7 is one of the best games for Playstation VR and Virtual Reality ever and demonstrably terrified more than a million people. With Resident Evil Village (review), Capcom managed the feat a second time – this time for Playstation VR 2.

The sequel takes things up a notch in almost all areas – thanks to the graphics performance of the PS5, unique technical features of the Playstation VR 2 and a lot of detail work on the part of Capcom. Unlike its predecessor, Resident Evil Village is played with VR controllers, which allows free hand movement and handling of two weapons at the same time.

This makes the game feel even more realistic. The headset also vibrates when you are dragged across the floor by Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. The haptic effect enhances realism and incidentally curbs motion sickness. During our review playthrough, Resident Evil Village turned out to surpass almost every other VR adventure in terms of scope, gameplay depth and richness of detail.

The search for the missing daughter leads into a crazy Romanian nightmare world in a motivating mix of action, puzzles, hiding and exploring. Occasionally, bumpy transitions or interface errors give away that the game was not developed for VR.

The immersion is nevertheless great thanks to the breathtaking scenery and remarkably well adapted to the possibilities of the PSVR 2. Especially the vibration of the headset makes gun battles and wild boss fights even more intense. Owners of the PS5 version get the VR upgrade for free.

Playstation Store

Rez Infinite

Back in 2001 on Sega’s Dreamcast console, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Rez was a psychedelic, musical shooter rush. Meanwhile, the VR versions of Monstars Inc. and Resonair are the most beautiful way to experience the colorful flashing techno world, including a new VR level. Rez Infinite has won numerous awards.

On the PSVR 2, there’s eye tracking in addition to haptic feedback in the controllers and headset. This allows you to aim directly with your eyes. A bizarre feeling that no other PSVR 2 title has yet to offer!

Rez Infinite is also playable in standard TV mode on PS5. Owners of the original PS4/PSVR game can upgrade to PS5/PSVR 2 for $9.99.

Playstation Store

Synth Riders: Remastered Edition

The PSVR2 version of the neon glowing rhythm game Synth Riders gets remastered graphics. Kluge Interactive also gives the game more nuanced controller haptics as you glide along the tracks, headset feedback for in-game obstacle feedback, smooth performance, and SSD optimization for short load times.

No wonder the musical fun feels even more immersive and seamless here. The biggest highlight, however, is the high-contrast and vivid backdrop on the bright OLED screen with its deep black level.

The remastered version is available as a free upgrade to all owners of a PSVR version of Synth Riders, including all music DLC purchases already made.

Playstation Store

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade fills a gap and is one of the best VR games you can currently buy for the Playstation 2. It offers short but addictive gameplay sessions, is challenging and has a progression system that will keep you busy for weeks.

In the roguelite shooter you’ll fight your way through procedurally generated levels with weapons from World War II, and sooner or later you’ll inevitably fall. You can spend collected gold and rank increases on improved weapons and abilities, and will then be thrown into battle again. Until you reach the end of the game.

The implementation proves to be pleasantly demanding. Only those who proceed tactically and carefully will be rewarded. The Light Brigade is a strong game that doesn’t mind its underwhelming graphics.

A purchase includes both versions for PSVR and PSVR 2.

Playstation Store

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Ch 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners still is one of the best VR games ever. The sequel follows the story of the first part, but in the form of a standalone VR game.

The journey once again takes you to New Orleans, which has been devastated by a zombie apocalypse. There is a new story campaign, new city areas to explore, new weapons and tools, and new gameplay mechanics. Your antagonist is the “Axe Man”, a mysterious post-apocalyptic slasher whose actions and intrigues should keep you constantly on your toes throughout the campaign.

The new arsenal will not merely consist of variants of already known weapons, but will be designed to let you use unique and new combat techniques. Among the new additions you’ll find the silencer, new weapons like the submachine gun and the sawed-off shotgun, as well as a chainsaw.

Ben played the PC VR version of Saints & Sinners 2 at Gamescom 2022. His impression was “bloody good”. After the rocky launch for Quest 2, the developers have been busy making improvements. Since the launch for PSVR 2, even the progress from Chapter 1 can be imported cross-platform.

The slightly more expensive “Deluxe Edition” double pack also includes the great first part in addition to Chapter 2.

Playstation Store

Townsmen VR

The construction simulation Townsmen VR from Handygames is the ideal candidate for the haptic triggers of the Playstation VR 2. You don’t only pick up components directly with your VR controllers, but also the cute inhabitants – to maneuver them on the right path or assign them tasks.

The haptic triggers even introduce a bit more immersion than in the PC VR original. In addition to the PSN download, THQ Nordic also released a physical version.

The PSVR 2 implementation offers 13 islands, 20 expandable buildings, a campaign, and a free sandbox mode. Ben became completely immersed in the game while reviewing Townsmen VR for PC VR, praising it as a milestone for virtual reality:

“The Settlers diorama comes to real virtual life in VR and makes me forget about time and surroundings. The controls are intuitive and well thought out, there are many buildings and professions, and the campaign maps are one more varied and exciting than the other. The accompanying story of the 15-level campaign is also excellent and humorously told.”

Playstation Store

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All information about Sony’s VR headset can be found in our Playstation VR 2 review. The PSVR 2 is currently only available from the Playstation Store. You will also need a Playstation 5.

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