Some Quest users say they received a free 6-month trial of the Meta Quest+ subscription

Some Quest users say they received a free 6-month trial of the Meta Quest+ subscription

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Some Quest users report being offered a 6-month trial of Quest+ in the Meta Quest mobile app. This was also the case for the author of this article.

Meta launched the VR subscription this summer. As a subscriber, you can claim two VR games selected by Meta each month and play them for free as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel, you will lose access to any VR games you have claimed over time until you re-subscribe.

Currently, anyone who purchases the 512GB version of Meta Quest 3 will receive a six-month trial of Meta Quest+, which is worth approximately $48.

On the Oculus and Quest subreddits, some owners of the 128GB Quest 3 say they were offered a six-month trial of Meta Quest+. There are even some Quest 2 users who claim to have received the same offer. If you have not purchased the 512GB version of Meta Quest 3, it is worth checking for yourself. The offer appears in the Meta Quest app and can also be redeemed through the app.

Here’s how to find the offer (if you’re lucky)

When I opened the smartphone app today, I was also offered a six-month trial of Meta Quest+ too (I have the 128GB version of Quest 3). If this is not the case for you, tap on “Menu” and then “Meta Quest+”. For me, the offer has now disappeared, and I am only offered a one-month trial. I didn’t take advantage of the previous offer, but I took screenshots of it.

Is this all a mistake on Meta’s part, or an attempt to tie customers to the VR subscription? After all, someone who has claimed and collected 12 VR games in six months might be more willing to pay for the VR subscription after the free period ends.

Please note that your credit card will be charged at the end of the six months if you do not cancel the VR subscription before then. You can avoid this risk by canceling the VR subscription immediately after the free trial period starts.

For more information on Quest+ and how the VR subscription works, please see the linked article.

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