Publishers join forces to demand billions in royalties from chatbot providers


Update July 24, 2023:

According to a report from SemaforDiller’s company, IAC, has rounded up the New York Times and Axel Springer, among others, in a group of publishers seeking significant royalty payments from chatbot providers and a possible lawsuit against AI companies that use publishers’ training data without consent.

A critical issue, he said, is the loss of website visitors when they consume a publisher’s content in a chatbot. This is related to the prior use of publisher content to train the chatbot.

Publishers are determined not to give away their content for free, as they did at the beginning of the search and social media era. Tech companies also don’t want to be responsible for media bankruptcies and be accused of undermining democracy. So there is a fundamental interest in talks between the two sides.


But he says the tech companies are more interested in tens of millions in compensation, while the publishing group organized by Diller’s company is eyeing billions.

“Search was designed to find the best of the Internet,” says IAC CEO Joey Levin. “These large language models, or generative AI, are designed to steal the best of the Internet.”

So an escalation of the conflict, even in court, is still possible. Publishers are currently awaiting a verdict in a lawsuit in which an AI legal advice solution is being sued for unauthorized use of content from legal search platform Westlaw.

Original article from July 17, 2023:

Generative AI is “overhyped,” claims media mogul Barry Diller, but he’s suing anyway

Media mogul Barry Diller announced plans to file a lawsuit with a group of leading publishers over the use of published works to train AI systems.


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