Midjourney generates weird images now and can run a lot faster


Midjourney introduces new parameters for more weirdness and more speed, if you are willing to pay for it.

You can now use a “–weird” parameter in Midjourney to add, well, more weirdness to your images. Its value can range from 0 to 3000. The same potential of this parameter is high.

The following images show the prompt “the metaverse, a red-bearded guy, very chunky” with maximum and zero weirdness. With the weird parameter at maximum, the images are more interpretive and creative.

“the metaverse, a red-bearded guy, very chonky, –ar 16:9 –weird 3000” | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER

It is easy to see that without the weird parameter, Midjourney tries to produce a visually appealing and safe image that basically just shows what is in the prompt, without any additional interpretation.


“the metaverse, a red-bearded guy, very chonky, –ar 16:9 –weird 0” | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER

Midjourney recommends starting with weird values ​​in the 250 to 500 range and going all the way up to 1000. The effect of the weird parameter also depends on the prompt. Things get even more interesting when you combine the weird parameter with the “–chaos” parameter to get maximum variation in the four image suggestions.

The chaos parameter adds even more variety to the weird images. As you can see, I found the weirdest image imaginable from this prompt. It’s now the title image of this article. | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER

Weird is supposed to work well with “–stylize” if you want “weird and beautiful” images. According to Midjourney, you should use equal values ​​for both parameters, as tested in the following motif (1000 / 1000).

The Stylize parameter steers the Weird parameter into more visually stable paths. | Image: Midjourney prompted by THE DECODER

The combination of these parameters should help to generate many and unusual image ideas in a short time. These ideas can be used as they are or as a starting point for developing a visual language.

Midjourney becomes much faster and now has a mega plan

Another new feature is the turbo mode, which allows Midjourney to create images up to four times faster – but at twice the cost. The speed is impressive, as the video below shows. In the future, even higher speeds will be possible, writes Midjourney founder David Holz.

Heavy users of Midjourney can now subscribe to a new “Mega” plan that offers 60 hours of generation for $120 per month. Those who currently purchase many hours beyond the Pro plan will get a much better deal with the Mega plan. In addition, turbo mode is always active on the Mega plan at no extra charge.


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