Meta, IBM, AMD and more than 50 companies and universities form Open Source AI Alliance


Meta and IBM have launched a coalition of more than 50 AI companies and research institutions to promote open AI development and differentiate themselves from OpenAI and ChatGPT.

The AI Alliance, whose notable members include AMD, Intel, Oracle, Cornell University, and the National Science Foundation, is pooling resources to support open innovation and open science in the field of artificial intelligence.

Stable Diffusion company Stability AI, Sony, and other renowned universities such as Harvard, Tokyo, ETH Zurich, and Yale are also joining the alliance.

Notable is the participation of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which wants to break Nvidia’s dominance in AI chips. AMD will support an open AI ecosystem with its hardware, according to Forrest Norrod, executive vice president and general manager of AMD’s Data Center Group.



AMD plans to unveil new AI hardware this week that will be a “strong alternative” to Nvidia’s offerings, Norrod said. Nvidia is not a member of the AI Alliance.

Collaborative approach to a more open AI landscape

The Alliance places particular emphasis on the open-source approach. The goal is to create a more inclusive and collaborative AI ecosystem where advances in AI can be shared and built upon by a broader community.

The open-source approach involves the free exchange of technology and collaboration between large technology companies, academic institutions, and a community of independent programmers, according to the Alliance.

This model contrasts with proprietary AI models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has been criticized for its closed approach and limited access to its underlying technology.

However, there are also strong arguments in favor of closed systems – primarily economic, but also safety and security.


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