Google Cloud brings generative AI video to Canva and more


Google Cloud integrates generative AI technology with popular enterprise applications to improve content management, virtual collaboration, and more.

Google Cloud has announced a series of partnerships with popular enterprise companies to integrate its generative AI capabilities into their applications. These collaborations aim to improve content management, virtual collaboration, sales and customer service, marketing content creation, and support for marketers through Salesforce’s customer data platform, according to Google.

Generative AI to help with sales, customer service, and marketing

Among the new partners, Box and Google Cloud will work together to enhance Box AI by incorporating Google’s advanced AI models for tasks such as automatically classifying and extracting metadata or quickly finding answers and insights from documents.

Can go will integrate Google Cloud’s Vertex AI into its platform for automated translation and generative AI video creation tools. The announcement doesn’t mention a specific model, but Google has an AI video editor in the works with Dreamix, as well as text-to-video models.


dialpad will use Google Cloud’s generative AI for AI summaries and AI-powered playbooks to support sales and service teams, as well as AI-powered scorecards for managers and supervisors. Jasper is partnering with Google Cloud to automate content creation by targeting specific segments and brand voices.

Salesforce is exploring how to incorporate Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities into its Data Cloud and Einstein CRM assistant. UKG will use Google Cloud’s generative AI to create conversational AI interactions within its HCM solutions.

The partnerships reflect Google Cloud’s commitment to an open ecosystem for generative AI development, the company says, extending the benefits of its infrastructure, tools and foundational models to partners across the AI ​​stack, including AI21 Labs, Aible, Anthropic and Anyscale.

Look for more partnership announcements in the coming weeks and months, as well as more details on Google Cloud’s approach to applied generative AI at the upcoming Google I/O event.

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