Co-op mode added to Puzzling Places on Meta Quest

Co-op mode added to Puzzling Places on Meta Quest

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The new multiplayer mode of the VR hit Puzzling Places lets puzzle pieces move back and forth between the hands of the players.’s Puzzling Places is already a relaxing phenomenon in single-player mode. Now it’s getting even more social. The popular VR puzzle game with spatial photogrammetry images is getting a cooperative multiplayer mode. For now, only two quest users can play together in the closed beta. Later, more people may be able to join, perhaps on other platforms as well.

A simple but apparently magical highlight is the transfer of puzzle pieces between players. This way, two online partners can comfortably gather around buildings and landscapes to complete them step by step, help each other, or get a closer look at the situation.

Joint puzzling on Meta Quest

Early gameplay footage of the cooperative puzzles showed one developer surprising us with lightning-fast movements. After sitting down in a swivel chair, his avatar used the wheels to circle the entire environment.

Participants connect via room codes before the session begins. The studio is also considering a public online player search. How this would work in detail is not yet decided.

An important requirement at this point is that the cooperating partners use different meta accounts. However, the App Sharing function for sharing the VR game is already active. To use DLCs, both parts must currently own the corresponding content. This may change at a later date.

There are separate savegames for single player and multiplayer, to avoid mixing up the savegames. Click here to sign up for the closed multiplayer beta of Puzzling Places for Meta Quest. AT FAQ page will help you get started.

Puzzling Places is also available for other virtual reality platforms such as Playstation VR 2, Pico 4 or Vive XR Elite, but without a multiplayer beta.

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