Chrome’s latest update brings AI-generated tab organization and helps you write


With the latest Chrome update (M121), Google is introducing three experimental generative AI features designed to make web browsing easier and more efficient.

One of the new features is Tab Organizer, which automatically creates tab groups based on the tabs you have open. This should be helpful if you are doing multiple tasks in Chrome at once, such as planning a trip, researching a topic, or shopping, and get bogged down in open tabs.

The feature is available as “Organize Similar Tabs” after right-clicking or from the drop-down arrow to the left of the tabs. Chrome suggests names and emoticons for these new groups to make them easier to find.

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Another new feature is generative AI themes, which were introduced last year for Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices. This allows you to create custom designs based on a theme, mood, visual style, and color to further personalize the browser. To create a new theme, click “Change Theme” in the “Customize Chrome” sidebar and then click “Create with AI.”

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Starting next month, Chrome will also introduce an experimental AI-powered “Help me write” feature to help users compose text on the web. Google cites restaurant reviews, a party invitation, or a formal rental application as examples. To use the feature, right-click on a text field or box on a website and select “Help me write.

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The new features will be available for Chrome on Macs and Windows PCs in the US in the coming days. As this is a public experiment, they are currently disabled for business and education accounts.

Google plans to introduce more AI and ML integrations in Chrome later this year, including the integration of the new Gemini AI model.


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