ChatGPT with Code Interpreter: The best use cases


The Code Interpreter is probably the most interesting ChatGPT plugin of OpenAI and opens up completely new capabilities for the Chatbot.

At the end of March, OpenAI introduced a groundbreaking new feature for ChatGPT: Plugins. One of them is a so-called Code Interpreter. With it, the language model can not only generate code, but also execute it independently.

As with Auto-GPT, the busy developer community has found exciting use cases for this technology in a very short time. Especially for data journalism and similar data-based analysis, the tool seems to open up completely new possibilities. This is also due to the possibility of uploading and downloading files up to 100 MB in size.

We have compiled some of the most exciting demonstrations of ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter.


Visualize data

As mentioned earlier, one strength of the Code Interpreter lies in the visualization of data. The software is not limited to any particular type of display or graphic. The possibilities range from simple bar graphs to more complex and lesser-known graphs.

ChatGPT can not only process the data, but also clean it or generate synthetic data in case of doubt. The AI ​​is not completely flawless: “If you give it something with a lot of text, it seems to tokenize that and the data you are cleaning can come back somewhat mangled,” notes data scientist Kathryn Cramer on Twitter.

Analyzing your own musical tastes

Twitter user @SHL0MS went a step further and analyzed a Spotify playlist of about 300 hours of all his favorite songs. ChatGPT not only provided the visualization, but the AI ​​also helped with data retrieval and explained how to use the Spotify API accordingly.

Create animated GIFs

In addition to data processing, the Code Interpreter has limited multimedia capabilities. For example, a short prompt can be used to create a GIF animation.

The ability to create GIFs from scratch can of course be combined with the data analysis capabilities described above. Like here to show all lighthouse sites in the USA.


Simple video editing

However, the Code Interpreter handles not only GIFs, but other file formats as well. For example, Prompt Engineer Riley Goodside uploaded a GIF and asked ChatGPT to convert it to an MP4 with a dramatic zoom. ChatGPT doesn’t store data for long, but asks for a re-upload if in doubt.

Code Interpreter is still in closed alpha

Like all other ChatGPT plugins, the Code Interpreter is currently in a closed alpha phase, so only selected users have access to it. In all likelihood, it will only be available to paying ChatGPT Plus customers in a full rollout in the future.

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